4th Annual

Light & Unite

October 15, 2022
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Light & Unite 2022 was held at The Villa at Springwood in Verona. In this beautiful setting, we participated in the International Wave of Light, a world wide candle-lighting and remembrance ceremony and enjoyed the comfort and company of other bereaved families.

This year's theme was the lotus flower, which represents purity, beauty, and transcendence. It has long been revered for its ability to remain pure, its center never tainted by its journey, despite growing only in a muddy and murky environment. Symbolically, out of a dark place, we can all come together in an evening of togetherness and connection, remembering our babies' purity of heart and soul. The lotus flower blooms slowly one petal at a time, which is similar to the gradual steps required to reach spiritual enlightenment. In this sense, the lotus is a symbol of personal progress.

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Light & Unite 2021

Light & Unite 2021 was held at Gilfillan Farm in Upper St. Clair. In this serene farm setting, families thoughtfully remembered and celebrated the their experience of life and loss. Horse With Hope provided therapy horses to enhance the meaningful evening.

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Light & Unite 2020 was virtual due to the pandemic.

Light & Unite 2019

Our inaugural Light & Unite event was also held in 2019 at Choderwood. Click here to see a video from the event on post-gazette.com.